Mary Jo Williams Comprehensive Learning Center - CLC

Image of tutortoring services at the Comprehensive Learning Center
The Mary Jo Williams Comprehensive Learning Center (CLC) exists to provide “the place” where every student can rely upon the people, technology, and additional  resources that are crucial to individual academic success. Located in the main area  of the GCCC Saffell Library, the CLC offers FREE RESOURCES and TUTORING to all GCCC students. 

Resources include:

  • Individual and group study rooms
  • Access to technology - computers, laptops, wifi, color and black and white printing
  • One-on-one tutoring with certified, knowledgeable tutors
  • Numerous references, models, and handouts


The CLC tutoring program is certified by the International College Reading and Learning Association. No appointment is required. Qualified tutors are available on a walk-in during most hours of library operation. A posted schedule indicates each subject(s) each tutor is certified to assist. A math tutor is always available during most hours of operation.

Subjects include:

  • College Algebra
  • Beginning Algebra
  • Intermediate Algebra
  • College Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Foundations of Calculus
  • Pre-Calculus & Calculus I (most semesters)
  • Biology
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Chemistry (most semesters)

For In-Person Tutoring:

Students interested in tutoring should come to the CLC - just follow the signs to the CLC Tutoring Center. Stop at our Front Desk, and we will pair you with the appropriate tutor or assist in any way possible. NO APPOINTMENT IS REQUIRED

Feel free to check tutor availability by calling the CLC Front Desk at (620) 275-3278


Be a Tutor at the CLC!

Why should you Tutor?

As a CLC tutor, your goal is to “unconfuse” confusion in a way that helps students learn and remember. Ultimately, the CLC mission is to facilitate students in successfully earning college credit. get all of these great benefits, too!

  • Earn a scholarship.
  • Earn money as a work study student.
  • Tutor at your next college or university.
  • Tutoring skills and experience look impressive on a resume.
  • Earn credentials to tutor privately.

CLC Tutor Requirements

Tutors should excel in one or many of these subject areas:

  •  Math
  • Sciences
  • Study Skills

Other Requirements:

  • Be cheerful, approachable, & competent
  • Have an A or B in dual credit or college level classes you might tutor
  • Have current & former instructors who will recommend you
  • Agree to work between 10-15 hours/week
  • Maintain a collegiate 2.75 GPA
  • Accumulate at least 10 hours of training per semester by attending training sessions.
  • Keep accurate records of tutoring and training

For further information about the CLC and to apply to be a tutor, please contact Janice Urie, Tutoring Coordinator, at: