Social Sciences Division

The Social Sciences Division at GCCC encompass Early Childhood Education Program, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, and Economics. Students who study the social sciences are typically interested in other humans and how we intersect with each other, organizations in our lives, and our society at large. 
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A two-year degree from GCCC in any social sciences field will prepare you for entry into a similar bachelor's degree program of your choosing at a four-year university. It can also help you with a solid educational foundation that you can take with you into the workforce in a variety of careers. 

Companies in both the public and private sectors are always looking for individuals with a college education, positive attitude, and critical thinking and problem-solving skills to take their organizations to the next level.  

Most of our social science programs are in the Academic Building, where you will also find your instructors and support staff offices. Learn more about our specific programs by clicking the links above or visiting our A-Z program page