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Application for current Academic Year
I want to renew my previous scholarships for this next year:
Scholarship offers will only be made through email.
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Students are considered for all scholarships that they are eligible for by filling out this general scholarship application. The following scholarships listed on the web link, (here), must be applied for specifically. Please select up to five (5) of the following scholarships if you meet the requirements

Garden City Community College Scholarship Terms

  1. I understand that all official transcripts (high school, college/universities) must be on file in the registrar's office before funds are disbursed.
  2. I understand that I must enroll in 12 hours of college credit, unless scholarship states otherwise.
  3. I understand that my grade point average (GPA) must meet or exceed the level required by the criteria appropriate to my scholarship. If I do not meet the appropriate standard, the renewal of my scholarship will be subject to committee review.
  4. I understand that scholarships may be renewed for a second year; however, I must re-apply for this renewal by February 15.
  5. Student Athletes: The Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference (KJCCC) by-laws require that student athletes on full book and tuition grant-in-aid awards must graduate from high school with and maintain a 3.0 GPA to receive additional scholarships
  6. I understand that scholarship offers will only be made through email.
  7. I agree to allow Garden City Community College to send a Press Release to my home town newspaper in: 
    City*State*, showing my name, scholarship award and amount, age, hometown, high school attended, graduation year, intended college major, parents Names, Parents home towns OR that I will contact the Garden City Community College Scholarship Office at or (620) 276-9519 to ask them not to release this information.
  8. I understand that by clicking submit I have read and understand these terms.
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