You did it, or you soon will.

Graduating from high school, or getting your GED, is no small feat.

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And enrolling at GCCC is a step towards a career you can be proud of. In just two years, you could leave prepped and ready with an associates degree. Or, if you're like most GCCC students, you'll have your gen eds behind you and spring to the finish at a traditional four-year college or university.

If you are looking to get a jump on credits, you may want to dual enroll in college classes - an option for high school juniors and seniors. Just check out the Steps to Dual-Credit Enrollment and you're on your way.

Here's what you need to know to apply:

  1. You can apply at any time during the year.
  2. First, you'll need to complete an Application for Admission and TB Questionnaire.
  3. Send your transcripts.
  4. Apply for financial aid and scholarships.
  5. Take the ACT or  Academic Skills Assessment.
  6. If you are interested in living on campus, complete a Housing Application.
  7. Visit with an Academic Advisor and register for classes. Together you'll review your test results and your advisory will help you select courses.
  8. Sign up for College Success - Yeah it's a thing. If you're a first-time freshman you'll need to take College Success (PCDE-101).
  9. Pay tuition and fees in full. You won't be able to register for any future course for non-payment of tuition by the due date, so read this information about the tuition & fees closely. (Once you've enrolled for classes at GCCC, you can save time by paying online.
  10. Get your picture ID and but your textbooks.
  11. Login to the GCCC Portal. This is where you'll access student tools like Canvas, BusterMail, IT Help Desk and the GCCC Self-Serve (grades, register for classes, financial aid, etc.). You can also find campus announcements, news and events in the portal.