Student Support Services

What is Student Support Services?

The Garden City Community College Student Support Services program is a federally funded TRIO program, which serves 200 undergraduate students by providing free services including...

Academic tutoring

Advice and assistance in course selection

Education and counseling to improve financial and economic literacy

Information in applying for federal financial aid

Assistance in completing and applying for federal financial aid

Assistance in applying to four-year schools

Director of SSS
Kurt Peterson
(620) 275-3245

SSS Advisor
Lizette Avalos
(620) 275-3268

SSS Data Coordinator
Manuela Vigil
(620) 276-9660

SSS Advisor
Johana Gonzalez
(620) 276-9674

SSS Tutoring Coordinator
Velia Mendoza
(620) 276-9670



Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Legal Resident 
  • and
  • Belong to a family where neither their mother or father completed a Bachelor's Degree 
  • or
  • Belong to a family whose income qualifies them as having a taxable income as indicated below:

Family Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Family Income $17,655 $23,895  $30,135 $36,375 $42,615 $48,855 $55,095 $61,335


  • Have documentation of a disability which has an impact on the student's ability to be successful in college

Please provide us with your most current income information and if applicable disability documentation when you turn in your application.

How To Apply

Fill out an Application

  • Send a signed copy of your and your parents, (if claimed by them) most recent tax forms or other verification of income if no taxes were filed to


Student Support Services
Garden City Community College
801 Campus Drive
Garden City, Kansas 67846