Loan Exit Counseling

It is a federal regulation that students who borrow Federal Direct Student Loans complete loan EXIT counseling when they graduate or drop to less than 6 credit hours or for those students who may not be returning to GCCC.  A HOLD has been placed on your GCCC records that will be removed after you complete this requirement.  The hold will prevent you from getting an official academic transcript sent to another college, or to a potential employer. 


  1. Your FSA ID & Password
  2. Your social security number
  3. Your driver's license number, if you have a license
  4. Addresses and phone numbers for your parents and two other references.


Answer all questions until you see the message that youve successfully completed Exit Counseling.  The Financial Aid Office at GCCC will receive an electronic notification of your Exit completion.  You can access all of your education loan information from the National Student Loan Database System at  

Please contact our office at 620-276-9519 if you have any questions.