Tuition, Fees & Payment

The total amount of tuition and general fees is determined each semester by the student's residency status, and the number of hours in which the student enrolls. Anyone auditing courses will be charged all tuition and fee rates.

Kansas In-State Residency Status

Out-Of-State Residency Status 

Tuition: $61.00* per credit hour 
Student Fees: $51.00* per credit hour
Tuition: $80.00* per credit hour 
Student Fees: $51.00* per credit hour 

Border State Tuition


International Status

 (CO, MO, NE, NM, OK, TX) 

Tuition: $75.00* per credit hour 
Student Fees: $51.00* per credit hour
 Tuition: $98.00* per credit hour 
Student Fees: $51.00* per credit hour


 Tuition: $150.00 per credit hour  

*See Fall 2021 Update

Fall 2021 Update

Starting in Fall 2021 with this new status, tuition will be held flat at $61 per credit hour for Finney County residents. The tuition rates for 2021-2022 academic year will be $62 per credit hour for Kansas residents, $76 per credit hour for border states, $81 per credit hour for non-residents, and $99 per credit hour for international students.  Cost for online courses will remain unchanged at $150 per credit hour. 

Special Fees

Certain courses, classes or programs have various additional laboratories, class materials or other fees. These additional costs are approved annually by the Board of Trustees. A complete listing is available in the Business Office and on the college website.

Various Credit by Examination programs require a processing fee for the credits to be placed on the student's transcript. Students will be notified of this charge at the time of award.

*Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Tuition and Fee Payments

All tuition and fees must be paid in full or students must be signed up and current on a payment plan before any future enrollments can be processed. 1 week before classes begin the student can view their student account on line by logging into their Buster Web, under "Review Student Account/Make Payment/ Set up Payment Plan. From there a student can make a payment, set up a payment plan or authorize others to view their student account, make payments or sign up on a payment plan on the student's behalf. Students whose financial aid applications are complete and accurate in the Financial Aid Office by July 1 or December 1 will have their aid eligibility determined by August 1 or January 1.

Tuition And Fees Refund Policy

  • Students may be eligible for refunds upon filing a "Change of Schedule" form in the Registrar's Office within the refund periods outlined below.
  • Refunds are calculated based on the day the official withdrawal is filed in the Registrar's Office (in person, by fax or by postmark date), not when the student stopped attending class. (Failure to attend or ceasing to attend a class does not constitute an official withdrawal.)
  • If the college cancels a class, enrolled students will receive a full refund of tuition and fees for that class regardless of date.
  • If a student withdraws from a class after the refund period and simultaneously adds a class, including section and/or level changes, no refund will be given for the withdrawn (dropped) class. Full tuition and fees will be charged for the added class.
  • If an enrolled student is called to active military duty, full tuition will be refunded. Fees are not refundable if the activated date is beyond the published refund date.
  • Students receiving Federal Financial Aid who completely withdraw from Garden City Community College are also subject to a Pro-rata or Federal refund calculation as applicable. All applicable refund/repayment calculations will be figured and students will receive the largest refund possible. Examples of each refund are available upon request form the Financial Aid Office.
  • Drop/No-Show Fee
    Students who do not attend Face-to-Face or Hybrid classes within the first two (2) scheduled class meetings will be dropped as a No-Show (for non-attendance) and are subject to a $50 per course drop fee. Students must login and complete an assignment prior to the course certification date for Online classes. Students who do not login and complete an assignment will be dropped as a No-Show (for non-attendance) and are subject to a $50 per course drop fee.

100% Refund Periods
(also applies to Evening and Outreach classes):

  • 12-16 Week Classes
    Students who officially withdraw are entitled to a full refund of tuition and fees through the second Friday after the start of class. No refund on tuition and/or fees is given after this date and the student is responsible for the total tuition and fees incurred.
  • 8 -11 Week Classes
    The 100% refund period for 8-week classes is the second Friday after the start of class.
  • 6 - 7 Week Classes
    The 100% refund period for a 6-7 week class is prior to the fifth calendar day after the start of the class.
  • 2 - 5 Week Classes
    The 100% refund period for a 2-5 week class is prior to the third calendar day after the start of the class.
  • 1 Week Classes
    The 100% refund period for a 1 week class is prior to the start of the class.
  • Workshops and Seminar Refunds
    For Business and Industry Institute (B&I), Continuing Education and Community services (CECS) classes and American Management Association Extension Institute (AMA) classes, refer to brochures for refund policy and time periods.

Refund Appeal Procedure

  • Students wishing to opeal tuition and fee charges must complete a "Refund Appeal Request" form and return it with appropriate documentation to the Business Office within one week of the official withdrawal being filed in the Registrar's Office
  • Ruling on the appeal will be determined by a committee consisting of representatives from the Business Office, Registrar, and Student Services.
  • The Business Office will notify the student in writing of the committee's decision.

In addition to GCCC's refund policy, all students receiving Federal (Title IV) Financial Aid are subject to a "Return of Title IV Funds" calculation. This calculation is required for students who completely withdraw on or before the 60% point of the semester. The "Return of Title IV Funds" calculation involves only the Federal Financial Aid portion of funds received by the student. It determines the amount of federal funds the student and GCCC are entitled to keep, based on how long the student was enrolled during the semester. It is possible that GCCC and/or the student will owe federal funds back to the Department of Education regardless of the outcome of the GCCC institutional refund policy.

Payment Of Obligations

Students are expected to make prompt payment of all college financial obligations such as tuition and fees, housing, food, special fees, library fines and loans. MasterCard and VISA cards are accepted for payments.

  • All existing financial obligations must be paid before enrollment will be allowed for the subsequent semester or summer session.
  • If a student leaves the college with unpaid accounts, his/her academic records will be placed on hold and no academic transcripts will be issued until the account is cleared.
  • Graduating students must clear all outstanding accounts before their diplomas will be issued.
  • Holds will be placed on records of students who have defaulted on Federal Student Loans received while attending GCCC. No academic transcripts will be issued until the default status is resolved.
  • To avoid registration delays a student, relying on financial aid to pay college costs, is responsible for contacting the Financial Aid Office and having all necessary forms and documentation completed before registration.

Residence Hall Costs

The Residence Hall Contract is a room and board contract. The cost includes actual room rent and food service for two different meal plans (15 or 19 meals per week). This amount is subject to change. Students interested in living in the Residence Halls should telephone the Residential Life Office at (620) 276-9516 for current costs, contracts, payment plans available, and additional information. Residential Life web page.

Textbook Costs

Textbooks are part of student fees that each student pays on a per credit hour basis. The college has partnered with Cengage and most courses have adopted e-textbooks or digital courseware. If your course uses Cengage e-textbooks or digital courseware, you will access those resources through your Canvas course link: you do not need to purchase a textbook or access code from the bookstore. Students taking online courses will have their e-textbooks embedded into the course and may access them through the Canvas course link.

Students can identify which texts will be used by searching for courses at the Broncbuster Bookstore website.  If the text publisher on the website is listed as "Cengage" and/or the text purchase is listed as "Optional," the e-book will be provided for you in your Canvas course with no additional purchase needed.  Students who are taking classes which do not use Cengage resources will still need to purchase their textbooks.

Transcript Fees

Students will be charged $5 for each official transcript requested or $5 for each faxed transcript. Transcripts will not be issued until payment is received. Transcripts will be sent by Federal Express only if an authorized account is provided, or if payment is made in advance to cover each transcript fee and actual express costs.

Returned Check Policy

If a check made payable to the college is returned by a bank for any reason, the student's records will be placed on hold until the financial obligations are paid. The student will be charged a returned check fee for each returned check.