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Services are offered to all students and employees of Garden City Community College. Following is a list of some of the services offered through the Student Health Office:

  • Routine nursing assessment with any indicated referrals to community health care providers (medical, dental, optometric)
  • Minor First Aid, minor illness, and emergency care
  • Strep, pregnancy, and other minor testing
  • Immunization and influenza vaccinations
  • Blood pressure screening
  • Assistance with STD, HIV/AIDS counseling and family planning referrals
  • Health education/prevention (pamphlets/brochures, in class presentations, personal health counseling sessions)
  • Student Insurance information
  • Blood borne Pathogens Trainer/Coordinator

Health Insurance:

Garden City Community College does not sponsor, endorse or recommend any individual health insurance plan. As a college we do not offer student health insurance, but highly recommend that students obtain health insurance coverage.

Information on various insurance company policies that offer private health insurance coverage to college students is available through the Student Health Office. A few of their web sites are listed below.

Domestic Student Insurance

International Student Insurance

Information can also be obtained by contacting the Student Health Nurse by phone or email. Copies of the plans can also be mailed to individuals, if desired.


Federal law protects student's right to confidentiality regarding how medical information is shared, stored, etc. All medical information at GCCC Student Health Services is kept in locked files, which only health care staff have access to. Health information may be shared, at the patient's request, with a signed/dated release of information, either to or from Student Health Services. All conversations that occur in the Student Health Services are confidential.

All health records are kept on file for a period of 10 years, at which time they are destroyed.

Immunization/Vaccination Requirements:

GCCC Residential Life students are required to meet certain stipulations regarding immunizations. The health & immunization policy requires the following on all students residing on campus. View the immunization policy here.

  1. Health information is required to be complete on the housing portal.
  2. Documented evidence (dates) of #1 & #2 MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccinations is required to be submitted and kept on file in Residential Life and Student Health Services
  3. Documented evidence of a meningococcal vaccination (meningitis) or a signed declination form is required to be on file with Residential Life and Student Health Services per Kansas State Law (HB2752)
  4. The student is notified of any deficiencies concerning these requirements and given a grace period to become compliant. After the grace period, the student will be put on administrative hold until he/she becomes compliant.

International students are to submit proof of up-to-date immunizations to the Student Health Nurse. If proof of immunizations are unavailable, primary immunizations are to begin immediately at the student's expense. If PPD is necessary, international students are to submit proof of a PPD (tuberculin skin test) obtained after their arrival in the United States or obtain a IGRA (blood test) after their arrival in the United States, whichever is indicated by individual circumstances determined at time of testing. (Refer to the Tuberculosis Information)

Tuberculosis Prevention and Control Policy

In compliance with Kansas Statute KSA 2009 Supp. 65---129, effective fall, 2012 , all Garden City Community College students with the intention of enrolling and attending classes at GCCC, will be assessed for risk of tuberculosis by completing a Tuberculosis Risk Assessment before enrollment. (Exempt students will include those entering the medical professions of Nursing, EMIC, and Certified Nurse Aide, and those participating in continuing education programs and seminars.) For complete information on GCCC Tuberculosis Information Policy, refer to Tuberculosis Information.

Meningitis Information:

Go Ask Alice - Columbia University

Mayo Health Clinic

American Dietetic Association

Mental Health & Wellness

American Social Health Association

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

All current students enrolled at Garden City Community College are eligible to use the Student Health Services. Upon the first visit at Student Health Services, you will be asked to complete a health/medical history form and consent for treatment.

GCCC Student Health Center is located on the upper level of the Beth Tedrow Student Center. Offices are located in the northwest corner of the building.

The Student Health Center is open from

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

 Friday. The Student Health Center is closed all regularly scheduled holidays.

Most acute illness services are on a walk-in basis. However, some services such as the influenza vaccination, are better facilitated by scheduling an appointment.

Most services are free of charge. There is a minimal fee for all vaccinations. The Student Health Center is not funded through student fees. Therefore, a small amount may be collected for more expensive tests, etc.

When you feel you need immediate care, you may choose to go to any of the following facilities, however, GCCC does not assume responsibility for payment of services incurred at these facilities.

St Catherine Emergency Room
Located at the corner of Walnut and 4th Street

Siena Medical Clinic
311 E. Spruce

Xpress Wellness Urgent Care
1021 Fleming St

Finney County Health Department
919 Zerr Road

For other health care providers and various pharmacies, please refer to the local phone book directory.

GCCC Student Health Services does not have access to an on site physician. Therefore, allergy shots are not currently given at Student Health Services.

The Students Rights and Responsibilities are posted in the Student Health Center. These will aid you in understanding your role in your health care.

Depending on your specific health care need, you may be referred to a community physician, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner and/or Physician Assistant. For example, after a thorough nursing assessment at Student Health Services, if further evaluation and possible prescription medication and/or treatment is indicated, the Student Health Nurse will refer you to an appropriate community health care provider.

Employees who need minor first aid, blood pressure screening, vaccinations, or assistance with minor illnesses are seen at Student Health Center. GCCC students are the first priority with all services rendered.