Agricultural Equipment Technology - John Deere


Are you ready to power up your career? John Deere TECH is not a typical diesel program. It combines the classroom time for learning the basic theories behind John Deere systems with lab time for working with real John Deere equipment.  You will apply all that you have learned in the program to the real world as a paid intern for a John Deere dealer.

In an intense and focused environment, you will learn about John Deere diesel engines, powertrains, hydraulics, and machine set-up systems.  You will also learn about  high-tech electronics, computer diagnostics, and proprietary John Deere software.  Communication and customer relations skills are also essential parts of the education you will receive in the JDAT program at GCCC. 

Agricultural Equipment Technology-John Deere

The John Deere Tech Program at Garden City Community College was started in 1991 through a collaborative effort between John Deere Company and GCCC. The purpose of the program is to create skilled technicians for employment in the agriculture equipment industry. The program has been established as a four-way partnership between GCCC, John Deere, individual John Deere dealerships and the students. Today, the program accepts up to 30 students each academic year. 

John Deere has pledged to keep our program current with training components, equipment, and educational opportunities for our instructors. The dealers have pledged to provide paid internship experience and uniforms for our students. The college provides the facilities, instructors, and classes to round out this Associate Degree program.

John Deere's vision of their partnership programs probably says it best:

John Deere college partnership programs are the pre-eminent college and industry training programs to provide highly trained graduates to meet the needs of John Deere dealers.

If you'd like more information, please refer to our Department Handbook below:

Student Information Handbook
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Dealer Locations

The dealers shown on the map below currently have students in our program.

John Deere Dealer Locations Midwest