Many students are choosing to study Accounting in the Business and Technology Division at Garden City Community College. Accounting classes at GCCC prepare students to enter the workforce ready to prepare basic financial statements, understand and execute basic accounting computations, and apply management accounting techniques.  These skills are coupled with the business acumen within the Business Administration coursework to give you a solid set of skills for your immediate career or educational endeavors. Accounting classes at GCCC are taught by faculty who are dedicated to guiding students through the coursework from Accounting Basics up through a more advanced Managerial Accounting course. 

The accounting program not only prepares you for a profession in billing, bookkeeping, and clerical accounting, but also for additional study at a university, where you can take upper-division accounting courses to satisfy bachelor degree requirements. You may even decide to continue your education past a bachelor's degree to earn a master's degree or to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). The steps you will take toward your future employment can all begin right here at Garden City Community College.  



Class Sizes

The Accounting classes at GCCC typically serve eight to ten students, giving you the best opportunity to interact one-on-one with your instructors, often allowing for additional question and response time.   

Scholarship Opportunities

Are you looking for unique and meaningful opportunities to fund your education?  Students in the Accounting program at Garden City Community College are eligible for various scholarships through the admissions process. The GCCC Endowment Association offers scholarships for both freshman and sophomore students at GCCC in various programs. 


Your advisement in the Accounting and Business Administration programs are provided directly by the Accounting faculty at GCCC.  The faculty also hold office hours in the Academic Building on campus and are available via phone and email, so you can rest assured that you will receive the guidance you need to reach your educational goals.