Health, Physical Education, Exercise Science, and Recreation (HPER)

Study Sports Administration, Exercise Science, or Athletic Training in the HPER Division at GCCC. There are many careers to choose from in the fields of Health, Physical Education, Exercise Science, and Recreation.  With an aging population and increasingly high health care costs, the future workforce will need additional and nontraditional health care providers, such as physical therapists, athletic trainers, dietitians, and exercise physiologists to fill the gap inherent in the current system.  At GCCC, you can learn practical applications for these fields and gain the ability to think critically, communicate affectively, save lives, and handle the vast amount of interactions between professionals and patients.  

Classes for the HPER Division are typically held in the Dennis Perryman Athletic Complex or the Academic Building; however, the Division Director and Advisor is housed in the Academic Building. 

students wearing college t shirts