Criminal Justice

First responders are a special group of people who work together in a tight-knit family.  If you want prepare yourself for a career in the Criminal Justice family with hands-on educational experiences, then the GCCC Criminal Justice Associate in Science and Certificate programs are for you! Experienced instructors who have worked in the field will teach you the basics of law enforcement while also instilling values and skills for creative and critical thinking, effective communication in the field, firearms skills, and confidence and bravery to take with you into your new career. 

Criminal Justice 

Criminal Justice Clubs and Activities

If you become a part of the CJ family at GCCC, you will have the opportunity to take part in the CJ Competition Team, Tau Epsilon Lambda (TEL), exploring the law enforcement field with community service hours spent while assisting Student Government, Campus Police, Women on Target, Exploration Day, and campus visits.  

Class Sizes

Each semester, the number of students in each Criminal Justice course on the campus varies from 8 to 20 students, with about 45 total Criminal Justice students within the program.  You will receive valuable one-on-one time with your instructors as well as an opportunity to develop relationships with classmates for additional support and learning. Online Criminal Justice classes are also offered to meet your scheduling needs.


The classes within the Department of Public Safety (DPS) at GCCC align with the schedule in the workforce, with courses beginning as early as 7:00 AM. Typically, afternoons are left free.  Courses often mimic the shift-work that is common in the field.  Field-based classes are often scheduled as afternoon block classes. 

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships are available for students in the Criminal Justice program at GCCC.  The David Beasley Scholarship was established specifically for Criminal Justice students. Students in Technical programs are also eligible for grant and aid technical scholarships. You can visit the Financial Aid page or the Endowment Association website for more information about which scholarships you are eligible for. 

The Department of Public Safety also hosts annual scholarship fundraiser events to help students with tuition expenses. The "Shoot for Scholarships" and "Ride for the Future" events are often well attended and successful efforts by DPS to support students financially. 

Unique Equipment

GCCC Criminal Justice offers hands-on learning throughout the curriculum, and patrol cars and firearms are no exception.  The Criminal Justice program offers multiple training simulations using patrol cars, and stress vests.  Indoor and outdoor training facilities within the community are also visited for firearms training. 


Your advisement in the Criminal Justice program is provided directly by the instructors within the department. These instructors hold office hours in the John Collins Vocational Technical Building (JCVT) on campus and are available via phone and email.  

More information about cost of attendance can be found here