Endowed and Annual Scholarships

Garden City Community College offers over 300 endowed and annual scholarships each year. When you submit your scholarship application, it is criteria matched with every single endowed/annual scholarship GC3 offers. So, if you don't know the name of a particular scholarship it won't disqualify you from being a candidate. Please feel free to reach out to scholarships at 620-276-9519 or with any questions you may have.


Additional Scholarships

 Activity Based Scholarships


Sponsor Contact Info

Athletics Multiple, please refer to
directory here.
Brian McCallum
(620) 276-0419

Michael Knutson
(620) 276-9644

Vocal Music Sean Boller

(620) 276-9787
Media Stacey Carr
(620) 276-9466
Instrumental Music Christopher Johnson

(620) 276-6544
Quiz Bowl Cody Cundiff
(620) 276-9582

Elizabeth Tharman
(620) 276-0424
Meat Judging Clint Alexander

(620) 276-9527
Comprehensive Learning
Center Tutor
Janice Urie
(620) 275-3283
Student Support
Services Tutor
Velia Rodriguez
(620) 276-9670
Student Government
Student Activities
Stacey Carr
(620) 276-9644

Holly Chandler
(620) 276-0444

Mela Vigil
(620) 276-9660

Esports David Larsen
(620) 275-3230
Orchestra Renee Carmichael
(620) 276-0461
Game Day Assistant Ashley Rutti
(620) 276-9606
Spirit Squad  Sarah Dains
(620) 276-9757
Rodeo JimBoy Hash
(620) 275-3205
Athletic Training Allison Griffin
(620) 276-9617
Forensics/Debate Stacey Carr
(620) 276-9466

Student athletes may receive additional scholarships not to exceed the maximum amount as defined in the NJCAA Eligibility Pamphlet (paragraph B.1.a.i) if such are awarded either on the basis of need, as verified by the college's office of financial aid OR outstanding academic achievement, with criteria including maintaining a cumulative 3.0 GPA (paragraph B.2).

Local Community Organizations/Miscellaneous Awards and Funds

Many area organizations provide one to four-year scholarships, grants and loans to students who fulfill their specific qualifications. Area organizations of which you may want to inquire would be churches, high schools, PTA groups, service clubs, fraternal organizations, professional organizations, and the company or business where parents are employed . Some corporations may also sponser National Merit Scholarships. Your high school counselor usually has a detailed list of such programs.

State of Kansas Scholarship Programs

The State of Kansas Scholarship Programs are administered by the Student Assistance Section of the Board of Regents . Further information may be obtained from the College's Financial Office, a guidance counselor or the Student Assistance Department of the Board of Regents, 1000 SW Jackson, Suite 520, Topeka , KS 66612-1368. Phone 785-430-4255 or