Parents & Guardians

We're all here for the same reason: to help your student succeed! At GCCC, we know how important your involvement and support are to that success and we've created this guide to help you provide the best possible support.

Time for a little tough love (for you):

Now that your student is going to college, part of what he or she will be doing is developing the skills to navigate the real world independently. YOUR job is to navigate the fine line between helping and hovering.

So, here's what you can do that will really help your student:
* Become informed
* Show support
* Encourage independence
* Encourage independence (yes, we said it again. It's that important.)

Believe it or not, your student has the ability to problem-solve and make decisions - and even when they're the wrong ones, they're helping lay the foundation for confidence and success in post-college life. 

So, take a deep breath, let it out, let it go and watch your students soar.

Mother and Student 

Here are some popular ones - including answers!

Becoming informed means getting answers to some basic questions.  We've talked with a lot of parents, guardians and guidance counselors over the years, and here are some questions we hear most often:

Getting started is easy and enrolling is simple - GCCC maintains an open admissions policy, which means everyone is accepted to the college. (But there are some additional admissions criteria for some academic programs.)

The first step is to complete the admissions application, which can be completed at any time of year. You can find step-by-step instructions here.

Your student is now responsible for his or her education, and will have to make decisions, take responsibility and be accountable for his or her actions. For many students, this is a new experience.

As a family member or guardian, you can help and support your student by listening and encouraging him or her to make their own decisions and to seek help when they need it.

GCCC has a ton of great student services designed to help your students succeed - after all, nobody expects them to have all the answers straight out of the gate.

As a parent of a child in high school, you were probably used to having access to your student's records - but it's different in college. Under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), once the student enrolls at college, the rights to privacy transfer directly to the student. Yes, even if you're the one paying the bills.

The student is the only one who can authorize access to his or her records.

In short, unless you ask the student directly, you can't. Under FERPA, we can't give them to you and we don't mail report cards. Students can access their grades using Self Service, an online resource and communications system at GCCC.

Garden City Community College is an amazing education value - you get the same quality of education at a much lower cost. Still, tuition costs depend on where you live - in Kansas, you pay in-state tuition. Otherwise you border state or out-of-state tuition. Current tuition and fees can be found here.

More information about cost of attendance can be found here

It's not as hard as you might think. The first step is to set up an FSA ID and password and then complete the Free Application for Student Federal Aid (FAFSA).

Complete instructions and links are located in the Financial Aid Section.

Right here - in Self-Service.  Select the term you would like to see your schedule for, and select "View Statement."

And if you're looking for the college catalog, here's the link

The dates vary from semester to semester, but typically, fall and summer registration begins in April and spring registration begins in October. For the most current dates, visit the academic calendar

Academic advisors are available to help your student understand degree requirements and select courses based on his or her goals. For more information, visit our Academic Advising section.

It's just what is sounds like. In this class, your student will learn about the college, library services, other support services, the importance of a student ID, and other systems they'll need to make their way around and be successful.

Students will walk away with insight and skills that will benefit them the rest of their academic (and professional) careers, including: financial literacy, time management and study skills, degree planning, navigating GCCC and career planning information.

Student success is never reached alone. We don't live in a vacuum. Our students need a support system - that's where you come into play.