Humanities & Fine Arts Division

At GCCC, the opportunities for creative students like you to flourish are endless. Whether it's about playing in the marching band, showcasing your artwork in our Mercer Gallery, or crafting your creative writing skills in the classroom, the Humanities and Fine Arts Division has a place for you on our campus.

The arena of humanities and fine arts covers majors such as Art, Drama, English/Literature, Music, and Liberal Arts and Sciences. You can can focus your studies and extracurricular activities on a single area of study, or take classes and participate in clubs in as many areas as you'd like - it's really up to you! 

Fine arts and humanities classes are mostly held in the Pauline Joyce Fine Arts Building, where our auditorium is also located. There you will also find your instructors' offices, our art/pottery studio, and small, soundproof rooms for musical instruction and practice. Contact us today to learn more, schedule a tour, or enroll! 

students wearing college t shirts