Drive with Buster Pride

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GCCC Broncbusters can now show everyone on the road not just where they are from, but where their heart is, by purchasing an official state of Kansas BUSTER tag!

Example of the GCCC License Plate

Who is Eligible?

All Garden City Community College alumni, students, parents, fans and friends who are Kansas residents are eligible to apply. If you own or lease a passenger vehicle or truck, or if the vehicle has a gross weight of under 20,000 pounds, you qualify for a BUSTER Tag.

How do I purchase a tag?

New tags can be purchased directly from your county treasurer office or online at:

Pay the $25 BUSTER license tag royalty payment (tax-deductible), a one-time
special plate issuance fee of *$45.50, and a registration fee, plus all other applicable
taxes and fees directly to YOUR county treasurer’s office. *Subject to change

Tag renewals will be handled directly in your treasurer’s office or online.

  • You will receive your annual tags & taxes statement from the State of Kansas.
  • Only one payment transaction will be needed when paying your statement (GCCC Alumni Office donation and tags/taxes all in one).
  • Renewal is done directly in the treasurer’s office, online via KS Web Tags, or by mail.
    No GCCC certificate will be needed.
  • Once you have renewed your tag and made your $25 donation with the county treasurer, your donation receipt will be mailed by the GCCC Alumni Office after 90 days of the transaction.

The $25 annual donation paid to the GCCC Alumni Office is tax-deductible. This
donation, minus a small administrative fee, will be added to the GCCC’s alumni
scholarship fund and programs in recognition of student achievements. 

You will be eligible to immediately switch from your current tag to the BUSTER tag for a minimal fee aside from the $45.50 special plate fee.

Tag numbers are consecutive numbers issued at random. The state of Kansas does not allow education license plates to be personalized or specific numbers to be selected.