Testing Center: Policies

To fulfill our mission of a providing a secure and distraction-free testing environment, the GCCC Testing Center enforces the following rules:

  1. It is essential all candidates display civil, mature and respectful behavior toward staff and other test-takers throughout their time in the Testing Center. 
  2. Candidates must follow the regulations specific to their test and to any instructions given by Testing Center staff. 
  3. All candidates are required to provide a valid (unexpired) student ID or government-issued photo ID. The photo ID must match exactly the name used when registering (e.g., double or hyphenated last names).
    • State-issued permit/drivers license or ID card
    • Permanent resident ID
    • School ID
    • S. Military ID card
    • S. Passport or Passport Card
    • International Passport
    • Tribal ID 
  4. All personal items, including purses, backpacks, electronic devices (phones, calculators, watches, flash drives, fitness trackers, etc.) and headgear (including caps, hats and hoodies but excluding headwear worn for religious commitment) must be stored in a Testing Center locker. 
  5. Exams are monitored continuously by video observation and physical walk-throughs. 
  6. Testers are able to take a break/use the restroom during testing. 
  7. Below is an abbreviated list of prohibited activities: 
    • Creating any kind of disturbance in the Testing Center area
    • Communicating in any manner with others while in the testing room
    • Possession of food, drink or unauthorized writing implements, paper or study aids/reference materials while in the testing room
    • Tampering with the operation of a computer or attempting to use it for any function other than taking the test, including accessing other sites not required for the exam
    • Attempting to remove questions, responses, notes or scratch paper from the testing room 
  8. Candidates in violation of any policy will be dismissed from the Testing Center. 

Additional rules may apply to professional examinations. Please refer to the check-in guidelines provided on the tests registration website.