Accessibility Tools

At GCCC, we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all of our students. To empower you on your academic journey, we provide a comprehensive range of accessibility tools and resources. Whether you're facing specific challenges or simply seeking ways to enhance your learning experience, this page serves as your gateway to discover the tools and technologies designed to make education more accessible and equitable for everyone. We're committed to ensuring that every student can thrive and succeed, and this collection of resources is a testament to that commitment.

Read&Write is a comprehensive literacy support software developed by Texthelp. It is designed to enhance reading, writing, and comprehension skills for individuals of all ages and abilities. This software offers a wide range of features to assist users, including:

  1. Text-to-Speech: Read&Write can read aloud digital text from various sources, such as websites, documents, and eBooks, helping users absorb content more effectively.

  2. Speech-to-Text: Users can dictate their thoughts, which the software converts into written text, making it a valuable tool for improving writing skills.

  3. Word Prediction: This feature suggests words as users type, aiding in spelling and vocabulary development.

  4. Highlighting and Note-Taking: Users can highlight and collect important information from digital texts and make annotations, simplifying research and study processes.

  5. Translator: Read&Write offers translation support for multiple languages, promoting language comprehension and communication.

  6. Study Tools: The software includes tools like vocabulary lists, a dictionary, and a picture dictionary, aiding in language learning and comprehension.

  7. Screen Masking: It allows users to focus on specific parts of the screen while reducing distractions, which can be especially helpful for individuals with attention difficulties.

  8. Simplified Web Reading: Read&Write can simplify complex web pages, making online content more accessible and easier to understand.

  9. Reading Support: It provides various reading assistance features, including a dictionary, talking dictionary, and text magnification, catering to different reading needs.

  10. PDF Aloud: Users can have PDF documents read aloud, which is beneficial for accessing academic materials.

Read&Write is widely used in educational settings to support students with diverse learning needs, including those with dyslexia, English language learners, and individuals with visual impairments. It fosters independence and accessibility, helping users become more confident and proficient readers and writers.

To install Read&Write, please visit their website here, and select your preferred OS or Browser extension.

You may also contact IT with the information here:

Matt Stockemer
Web and Systems Administrator
(620) 276-9673

Note for Google Chrome Users:

You must be signed in with your account. If you are signed in with your Google account, you will not have access to all the features

  1. From the Read&Write toolbar, click the menu dots on the right hand side
  2. Select "Settings" from the drop down menu
  3. Select "Accounts" from the left hand side menu
  4. Make sure the account you are signed in with is your account. If it is not, click "Sign out"
  5. Then click "Sign in with Microsoft" and use your account. This will allow you to access all features.

Password managers with autofill capabilities play a significant role in enhancing accessibility for individuals with disabilities. These tools streamline the login process by automatically populating username and password fields, reducing the need for manual input. For individuals with motor impairments, such as limited dexterity or mobility challenges, typing complex passwords can be a daunting task and for those with memory or cognitive disabilities to remember complex passwords or logins.

Garden City Community College provides users with OneLogin which includes a password manager with autofill capabilities. This will make logins more secure and easier for those with disabilities