Branding Guide


| Branding Standards |

Using these guides, templates, and best practices ensures that our MISSION, VISION, and VALUES are communicated clearly to establish our brand as a true REPRESENTATION of our CREDITABILITY and QUALITY in all things related to GCCC.


Table of Contents

  1. GCCC Logos

  2. Approved Variations

  3. GCCC Mascot

  4. Official Colors

  5. Official Fonts


| GCCC Logos |

Stacked Logo


"G" Only

G only GCCC Logo

Horizontal Logo

GCCC Logo Horizontal


| Approved Variations |

Stacked Logo - White Text

GCCC Logo White Text

"G" Only - White Outline

GCCC Logo - White Outline - G Only

Horizontal Logo - White Text

GCCC Logo Horizontal - White Letters


Stacked Logo - Black & White

Stacked Logo - Black and White

"G" Only - Black & White

Stacked Logo - Black and White - G Only

Horizontal Logo - Black & White

Horizontal Logo - Black and White

Stacked Logo - GOLD

Stacked Logo - Gold

Stacked Logo - Brown

Stacked Logo - Brown



| GCCC Mascot  |

Classic Broncbuster - BROWN

Broncbuster Mascot - Brown

Classic Broncbuster - GOLD

Broncbuster Mascot - GOLD

Classic Broncbuster - BLACK

Classic Broncbuster - Black

Collegiate Broncbuster

Collegiate Broncbuster



| Official Colors |

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Bronbuster Gold

Pantone 122C / 114U
C0 M22 Y100 K0
R255 G199 B0
Hex #FFC700

Bronbuster Brown

Pantone 497C / 497U
C80 M90 Y100 K30
R36 G18 B0
Hex #512F2E


It is important to use the correct color format to achieve the correct color display for both print and digital.

Pantone (PMS) and CMYK colors are used when desiging a print document.

RGB is generally used for digital display design (social media mostly).

HEX is the code for websites. 


| Official Fonts |


These fonts are used in GCCC's offical logo design. They can also be used for content in various print and digital documents.

Garamond Pro Bold

Bree Serif Regular
Community College

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECREATE THE OFFICIAL LOGO.  Use the official logo file from the Marketing & Public Relations Department.