Welcome New Busters!

Welcome New Busters!

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Welcome To GCCC! We're so excited to have you joining us this Fall!

Orientation at GCCC has 3 pieces - please see more details below regarding each session

  1. Virtual orientation for ALL students
  2. Face-to-Face Orientation highly encouraged for all students on Friday August 12th, 2022 beginning at 1:30pm
  3. Online Jumpstarts - available to any student taking an online class


Virtual Orientation

  • Virtual Orientation is mandatory for ALL new students. This virtual orientation is packed with information to help students be successful.

    Start your virtual orientation, in three simple steps:

    1. Select "Start Here: New Student Orientation Login" Below
    2. Select "Student Login"
    3. Log in using your GCCC Student Credentials. (This information can be found in the e-mail that you received with your username and password or on the GCCC Technology Page.)

    After you sign-in, follow through the sequence to learn about GCCC and your academic plans, discover support services, and find information about college policies and payment procedures.

  • Start Here: New Student Virtual Orientation

In-Person Orientation

  • Date: August 12th, 2022  at 1:30 PM, check-in at 12:45 PM

    • In-person orientation is heavily encouraged for all students attending on-campus courses or first-time freshman or new transfer. There will be sessions to help students get started on the right foot.
    • Schedule:
      • 12:45-1:30pm - Check in DPAC lobby
      • 1:30-2:20pm - Welcome/Information
      • 2:20-4:30pm - In-person sessions
        1. Canvas Support
        2. Self-service Support
        3. Campus Tours - Find your classes
        4. Financial Aid/On-Campus jobs
        5. Virtual Orientation completion
        6. Parent session
      • 4:45pm - Dinner
      • 5:30-8pm - Parking Lot Party - Prizes and Games!
    • All new students will be receiving a new student bag
    • Students will be required to check-in using the BusterBiz app - if you have not downloaded or logged in to the app, get a jump start HERE:
    • During the sessions there will be local businesses and offices for students to see what resources are available in the community and find jobs off of campus.

Online Jumpstart

  • Jumpstarts are for all new online-only students AND highly recommended for all students taking an online class for the first time.

    Jumpstarts are live webinars through Zoom that introduce new online students to educational technology, online support structures, and the information needed to be successful in an online class. Each jumpstart will run about 60-90 minutes depending on student questions.

    Register for a date and time on the Online Jumpstart form or contact Online Services, online@gcccks.edu or 620-276-9788. The form shows the most current event dates, but new options are added throughout the year.


Students can complete virtual orientation at any time between enrollment and the first day of class.

For all new-students attending on campus, an in-person will be Friday August 12th, 2022. Orientation will start at 1:30pm in DPAC (the Dennis B. Perryman Athletic Complex). View the Campus Map.

For new students taking all their classes online, online jumpstarts are hosted at the start of each new online session.

Virtual orientation is mandatory for all new. Virtual orientation provides a wealth of knowledge for students to be successful at GCCC and helps you to be aware of all the resources available to you. For

the best orientation experience, students should also attend a live orientation, the in-person orientation for those attending on campus and/or an online jumpstart for those taking online classes

While being at in-person orientation is to your advantage, there are no course grade deductions or campus penalties if you are unable to attend. You will still need to complete the required virtual orientation.

Virtual Orientation uses the same sign-in and password combination as Self-Service and other technology. This information can be found in the e-mail that you received with your username and password or on the:

For questions concerning virtual orientation or online jumpstarts, contact Online Services at online@gcccks.edu or 620-276-9788.

For questions concerning in-person orientation, contact Sydnee Sassaman at orientation@gcccks.edu or 620-276-9608


** If students are having issues with Virtual Orientation, please have them contact online@gcccks.edu