HALO Ribbon Cutting - Lydia M. Gonzales Memorial Garden

The Garden City Community College Hispanic American Leadership Organization (HALO) announces the dedication of a memorial garden in honor of its esteemed founder, Lydia M. Gonzales. The ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled for Friday, April 19, 2024, at 11:00 AM in the Quad on the Garden City Community College Campus (801 Campus Drive, Garden City, KS 67846). A reception will follow in the Saffell Library vestibule.

Lydia M. Gonzales was an outstanding education professional and trailblazer in higher education. Lydia began her career in education in 1978. She devoted her life to empowering students, breaking barriers, and inspiring generations to reach their full potential. As a minority, she was committed to inclusivity and equity, making a profound difference in the lives of countless students. Lydia was heavily involved in the community, and as a member of LULAC, she started a scholarship reception to honor those who were scholarship recipients. Her passion for fostering a nurturing and supportive learning environment created a lasting legacy as the founder of the Hispanic American Leadership Organization.

In 1986, Lydia founded Hispanic Student Day to expose minority students to Higher Education and advocate for academic resources. Lydia started recruiting students and worked tirelessly to increase scholarship opportunities. She encouraged students to further their education after GCCC by transferring to a university. She retired in 2000, and others continue her mission to support minority students to pursue higher education. The garden stands as a reminder of Lydia's immense contributions to Garden City Community College and higher education. May her memory be forever cherished, and may her legacy continue through the past, present, and future HALO leaders.

For any questions, please contact HALO@gcccks.edu.

GCCC HALO to Dedicate Memorial Garden to Founder Lydia M. Gonzales


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