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Adult Basic/Adult Secondary Education

Placement Testing

The CASAS tests were developed more than 20 years ago to make certain that people have the reading and math skills necessary to get a good job. The first tests you will take are reading and math tests. The CASAS tests are different from the GED tests because they focus on work-related skills.

As you work on CASAS study materials you are improving your reading and math skills. You are also learning skills that are important in life. Having good reading and math skills will help you pass the GED tests and earn you a Kansas High School diploma.

During the GED orientation you will take the CASAS math and reading appraisals. Each one will take about 10 minutes. The appraisal test will determine your educational levels. Based on the results of the appraisal, you will take a CASAS PRE-TEST in reading and math test at your educational level. These are called pre-tests (diagnostics). After 60 to 100 hours of instruction, you will be given a POST-TEST at your level to determine your progress. This is how students advance from level to level.

That’s a lot of tests – we know. They are very important because the results from the tests give teachers a very good idea of what you need to work on to pass your level and begin GED preparation.

The results also give you a good idea of how good your skills are and how much time it may take for you to be ready to take the GED tests.

Believe us, this works. When you have the top scores on the CASAS tests, you will be ready for the GED practice tests.

After each test, you will meet with your primary advisor to discuss your progress and discuss your goals.

The CASAS tests are a REQUIREMENT OF THIS PROGRAM. You will not be allowed to take your OFFICIAL GED EXAMS until you have taken a CASAS Post-Test.

Program Requirements


Required to complete each course with 100% on pre-test and an 80% on post-test.

Technology Level 1-2-3 Students
       Basic Skills, Computer Basics

Technology Level 4-5-6 Students
       File Management, Word Processing, Excel

Work Keys

This set of tests is required. You will not take these tests until you are in at least Level 4. You will be preparing for these tests in Levels 1-6.

  • Applied Mathematics: measures skills used to apply mathematical reasoning and problem-solving techniques to work-related problems.
  • Locating Information: measures skills used to work with workplace graphics such as charts, graphs, tables, forms, maps, diagrams, and instrument gauges.
  • Reading for Information: measures skills used to read and use written text to do a job such as memos, letters, directions, signs, policies, and regulations.

Upon completion students receive a Work Ready certificate. A job seeker presents the certificate to potential employers as documentation of work skill levels

Kansas WORKReady! certificates have four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

  • Bronze: an individual has core skills for approximately 35% of the jobs profiled by WorkKeys®.
  • Silver: an individual has core skills for approximately 65% of the jobs profiled by WorkKeys®.
  • Gold: an individual has core skills for approximately 90% of the jobs profiled by WorkKeys®.
  • Platinum: an individual has core skills for approximately 99% of the jobs profiled by WorkKeys®.

Official Practice Tests

Students need at least a score of 500 for each of the official practice tests in Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies and Math. Once completed, the official practice tests are good for six months. You can only take an OPT in a subject 3 times in a 90-day period. It is a state requirement that these tests are taken prior to the Official GED exams.

Official GED Tests

Once all official practice tests are passed, you will complete your Official GED Exam registration, required by the Kansas Board of Regents. Once approved, you can schedule your official tests. YOU MUST TAKE YOUR OFFICIAL GED TESTS IN ENGLISH FOR THIS PROGRAM.

Testing Lab: Saffell Library on GCCC Campus
The cost is $120 for the computer test
You MUST have a government issued photo ID.