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These resources were compiled by Karen Hilgeman at the Adult Learning Resource Center in Arlington Heights. The following are great resources for teaching and learning the vocabulary words on the Reading and Writing lists. She has divided the resources into ways for you to learn how to teach the R/W tests and then ways that your students can practice for the tests. Resources for you to learn about teaching the R/W tests

Understanding the USCIS Reading and Writing Tests: A multi-media presentation from the Adult Learning Resource Center (ALRC).

Teaching the USCIS Reading and Writing Tests: A companion multi-media presentation also from the ALRC.

Citizenship: The Literacy Test: A short course from the Thinkfinity Educational site. Requires a free registration.

Preparing for the Reading Test: Instructional Tips on Interrogative Pronouns: A podcast from USCIS.

Using Dictation Practice to Prepare Students for the Writing Test: Another podcast from USCIS.

Resources for students to practice vocabulary and sentences for the R/W tests. You may also want to look at them to get ideas of sentences to use for dictation and reading practice:

Student Interactives: In addition to lots of resources for teachers, the Thinkfinity page contains two online R/W practices. In Dictation Practice, students listen to a sentence, write it on their paper, and then check their answers. In Reading Questions Out Loud, students hear a sentence read aloud, drag the words of the sentence into order, read it aloud, and then compare their pronunciation to that of the recording.

Citizenship Teacher: This Quia web page contains multiple activities and quizzes for the R/W tests including: Little Words, Holidays, Vocabulary Hangman, Reading Question Words, Dictation Words and Phrases – Audio, Unscramble the Sentence, Unscramble the Sentence – Audio.

Listening/Dictation Practices: The web site for the Land of Liberty Book textbook contains 40 sentences using vocabulary from the R/W lists. Students play the audio of each sentence and then can check their answers. To assess, click on “New Student Section” in the top right corner. Then “Listening/Dictation Practice.” Note: Downloading Quicktime is required to play the audio.

Vocabulary Flashcards: USCIS makes a boxed set of flashcards with all the words from both the R & W lists. If you purchase these flashcards from the U.S. Government Bookstore, they come laminated and students can write on them with a white board or overhead projector marker. Alternately, you could print these flashcards from the USCIS web site.

Student Textbooks: Additionally, many student textbooks contain reading and writing practice. The Citizenship Passing the Test series even offers a special literacy skills workbook for learners with low literacy skills.

The ALRC maintains a comprehensive list of citizenship resources. You can access it any time from the Citizenship Publications page of their website. Please check it out to see other great resources you may want to get for your classroom.