Grant in Aid Agreement

Grant in Aid Agreement

2022-2023 Grant-In-Aid Agreement

The Grant-In-Aid is for the following activity:

 Activity Based Scholarships


Sponsor Contact Info

Athletic Training Allison Griffin
(620) 276-9757
Athletics Multiple, please refer to
directory here.
Brian McCallum
(620) 276-0419

Michael Knutson
(620) 276-9644

 Book Busters Veronica Goosey
(620) 276-9682

Seth Kristalyn
(620) 275-3223
Comprehensive Learning
Center Tutor
Janice Urie
(620) 275-3283
Esports Brittany Clark
(620) 275-3690
Game Day Assistant Ashley Rutti
(620) 276-9606
Instrumental Music Christopher Johnson

(620) 276-6544

Makenzi Johnson
(620) 275-3250
Meat Judging Clint Alexander
(620) 276-9527
Media Stacey Carr
(620) 276-9466
Orchestra Renee Carmichael
(620) 276-0461
Quiz Bowl Cody Cundiff
(620) 276-9582

Elizabeth Tharman
(620) 276-0424
Rodeo JimBoy Hash
(620) 275-3205
Spirit Squad  Tiffany Minnick
Student Government
Student Activities
Brittany Clark
(620) 276-9690
Student Support
Services Tutor
Kurt Peterson
(620) 275-3245
Trap Shooting Dru Saddler
(620) 276-0443
Vocal Music Sean Boller
(620) 276-9787


By signing this agreement, the student acknowledgesthe offer of a Garden City Community College Grant-In-Aid (shown in detail on your award letter) for the 2022-2023 Academic year. The Student understands and agrees that these funds are to be used for educational related expenses
at GCCC.

By signing and accepting the award shown, the Student agrees to abide by the following requirements:

  1. Attend all classes enrolled at all times barring verifiable hardships.
  2. Maintain a full-time enrollment status during each semester awarded.
  3. Complete the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters with a minimum 2.0 GPA or greater. "Successfully complete at least 67% of attempted credit hours per semester."
  4. Complete all program requirements set forth by program sponsor.
  5. Comply with the rules and regulations of the college and cooperate fully with its officials, including instructors.
  6. Withdrawal or dismissal from GCCC (whether voluntary or administratively) may require full repayment of the scholarship(s) received. Subject to sponsor/coach discretion.
  7. Any combination of Garden City Community College Grant-In-Aid(s), and other grants, loans and scholarships will not exceed the federal cost of attendance.
  8. Student athletes may receive additional scholarships not to exceed the maximum amount as defined in the NJCAA Eligibility Pamphlet (paragraph B.1.a.i) if such are awarded either on the basis of need, as verified by the college's office of financial aid OR outstanding academic achievement, with criteria including maintaining a cumulative 3.0 GPA
    (paragraph B.2).

I understand that my failure to meet the admissions requirements for the college or failure to enroll will render this agreement null and void. I also understand that if I do not fully comply with the listed conditions, this award may be withdrawn, and I am responsible for the repayment of the value of this award. 

More information about cost of attendance can be found here