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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I get transportation to and from the airport or bus station to at the beginning or end of the semester?

Yes! Garden City Community College provides free shuttle to and from the airport and /or bus station. This service is provided two weeks before and two weeks after the first day of classes of any semester also two week prior to and following the end of the semester. This request can be made through the office of admissions by email or through the program in which you are participating. Please make the request at least 3 days prior to your departure or arrival to/from Garden City, Kansas.

Q. When will I know my room assignment and/or roommate assignment?

Your roommate contact information and room assignment will be sent in late July along with check-in instructions.

Q. When can I move into the residence halls for the 2016-2017 academic year?

The move in dates and times will be sent out along with your room assignment packet.

More specific information regarding rules and regulations may be found in the Residential Life Handbook.

Each resident will be issued a current handbook upon checking into the residence halls.

Q. What is my mailing address?

Your Name
611 Campus Drive
Garden City, Kansas 67846

Q. What appliances can I bring?

Our residents are welcome to bring a small refrigerator, microwave, Foreman grill. No open-coil burners, deep fryers or hot plates allowed!

Q. What items are prohibited in the Residential Life Area?

Candles of any kind, incense, incense burners, alcohol, empty alcohol bottles, drugs and drug paraphernalia, firearms and/or ammunition, fireworks, gunpowder, explosives. Additionally, pellet guns, paint ball guns, air soft guns, bb guns, dart guns, water guns, water balloon launchers are not allowed in the Residential Life Area. Basically, anything that can be considered a weapon is prohibited.

Q. What size are the beds?

All of our beds are extra-long twin beds. Bedding can be picked up in most any store, especially during July and August as students prepare to head for college.

Q. Can I bring my pet?

No pets of any kind are allowed in the residence hall rooms, lounges, or the Student Center.

Q. Will I have internet access in my room?

Yes. We currently have two ports providing internet service in each room. You will need to have a computer with a current antivirus program running and an ethernet cable to connect to the service. We also have wireless access available in all the Residential Life areas.

Q. What other services are available in my room?

You have expanded basic cable available in your room. You will need to bring your own cable cord to take advantage of this service. Movie channels are NOT available. You have access to a live phone line in your room. All you need is a phone to plug into the jack.