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GCCC Receives Final SpearTip Investigation Results

During the Spring In-Service at Garden City Community College on January 4, 2019, GCCC Interim President, Dr. Ryan Ruda, announced to all employees that the college had received the final report from SpearTip Cyber Counterintelligence over the holiday break. Dr. Ruda announced to all employees that SpearTip found no irregular activities in the investigation, and that allegations against any individuals, most notably the inferred allegations against current GCCC employees Andrew Knoll and David Larsen, those valuable IT Department staff members who were temporarily placed on leave in July of 2018, were without merit.

In August of 2018, Garden City Community College contracted SpearTip Cyber Counterintelligence for a forensic analysis in relation to an alleged report of irregular email monitoring and sharing of confidential information at GCCC, and the temporary suspension of the college’s IT Department personnel by the former administrative team.
SpearTip conducted an investigation to determine if any irregular monitoring of or sharing of confidential information at GCCC was taking place. SpearTip’s report findings outline that videos had not been accessed or monitored by any user nor did the investigation find any confidential emails shared outside of the network. In short, no irregularities in the monitoring or sharing of confidential information took place at GCCC.

Andrew Knoll and David Larsen were given a standing ovation after Dr. Ruda’s announcement, a testament to the trust and values that all employees share at GCCC. Both Larsen and Knoll were reinstated to their positions at GCCC back in September of 2018, after the current administrative team deemed the suspension unnecessary.

“I am happy to have closure on the matter, especially since I have known the whole time that myself, Mac, Andrew [Gough], and David had done nothing unethical, illegal, or against college policy. It is nice to put it all behind us, and I am looking forward to the future, working with the current administration and staff,” said Knoll.

Larsen also commented saying, “It is good when you know that you are innocent and that is proven. Moving forward, it will be good to work with Ryan. He seems more open-minded and on board for ideas that we may have in the future.”