Mission Statement: Garden City Community College exists to produce positive contributors to the economic and social well-being of society.



At the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations Convention (NCMPR) at the end of March, GCCC's Graphic Designer, Tiffany Heit, won a first place Paragon Award for design on a mural in the lobby of the Dennis Perryman Athletic Complex. Heit traveled to Charleston, South Carolina, to attend the awards banquet at the NCMPR convention March 27-29, and received her award for outstanding design in interior signage. The Paragon Award recognizes outstanding achievement in two-year college marketing and public relations. GCCC placed first over second-place Community College of Denver, and third-place Jackson College of Jackson County, Michigan.

The mural was designed with the help of Colin Lamb, GCCC Dean of Student Services, and former Asst. Athletic Director, who provided the background and photos of GCCC athletes featured in the mural. The mural features former GCCC athletic standouts who moved on to excel at four-year universities and beyond. One of the prominent athletes featured on the wall is former NFL offensive lineman Phil Loadholt, who was an All-American at GCCC before going on to star at the University of Oklahoma, and then on to the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings. He played football at GCCC from 2004-2006. Other former athletes featured include: Keith Smart, Nick Marshall, Shelley Meier, Casey Colletti, Corey Dillon, Cort Scheer, Gene Keady, Tamara Jones, George Ackles, Todd Tichenor, Darvis “Doc” Patton, Dayton Moore, Darrin Hancock and Jennifer Salmans Gomez. Said Lamb, “I wanted to get a wide representation of student athletes. That way, when somebody comes in, they'll say, ‘Wow, they went here?’ Garden City Community College can get you where you want to go.”

Pictured:  Colin Lamb, Dean of Student Services, and Tiffany Heit, GCCC Graphic Designer