GCCC Providing Online Career Coach For Students And Public

1 New free service offers specific information on job opportunities and necessary education

Students at Garden City Community College can count on a free new service that provides detailed information about career opportunities, wages and jobs trends.

The web-based program, called Career Coach, is accessible from the home page of the college website at

“This is a new service that GCCC has subscribed to,” said Ryan Ruda, vice president for student services. “Career Coach tells students, and even potential students, about careers that may interest them.”

“The program also provides information on the kind of education and training necessary to enter a given career,” Ruda added, noting that much of the necessary learning is available through GCCC.

Career Coach is unique to the geographic area that GCCC serves, because it uses information from the southwest portion of Kansas, as well as the northwestern part of Oklahoma and the southeastern segment of Colorado. The system covers approximately 800 job fields, each of which may be searched by keyword.

A user can select a particular career and find the number of individuals currently employed in that field throughout the geographic area, as well as the average hourly wage and location of any openings. The service also provides the full wage range in dollar figures, including the minimum, maximum and median.

In addition, anyone visiting the site may key in on the age range of workers in the selected career field, the estimated annual number of job openings throughout the area, the number of workers approaching retirement and additional details.

Each job category provides an outline of the education and training requirements too, along with a Resume Builder function that creates a personal resume based on the user’s answers to a series of basic questions.


“I think this is something that is really helpful,” said Sammie Leeds, a GCCC freshman from Council Grove. “It’s great because it gives you an opportunity to see what a job offers before you go into that field, and you don’t have to do the research on your own.”

While the program is available at colleges across the U.S., GCCC is the only community college in the southwest section of Kansas currently providing Career Coach.

“I didn’t know about this before, but I’m going to start using it to make my decisions,” said Felecia Preston, a freshman from Johnson. “I’ve used Google to gather this kind of information, but it’s hard to know how reliable that kind of data really is. It’s cool to know that you’re getting information you can depend on.”

Access to Career Coach isn’t limited to students who are enrolled or enrolling at GCCC. The service is available to anyone who visits the college website. Individuals of any age who want to ask questions about career learning opportunities, before or after visiting Career Coach, may contact GCCC at 620-276-9608 or 620-276-7611.

DATE: Dec. 14, 2012
FOR USE: Immediate