Student Portal

Logging into the GCCC Student Portal

The student portal is one place where you can access everything you will need!
  •             BusterWeb (Class information, Gradebook, Transcript)
  •             BusterMail (Student E-mail)
  •             Canvas (Online Learning System)
  •             RAVE (Emergency Alert System)
  •             GCCC Announcemnts/Events
  •             Access to all Departments

Your UserName/Password is the same user name/password that you will use to access the GCCC network/Wi-Fi.

     Your username is your firstname.lastname 

     Your password is the first initial of your first name (lowercase), then the first initial of your last name (uppercase), and your birthdate (MMDDYYYY).

For Example, John Smith, born January 22, 1998 would have a username of john.smith and a password of jS01221998.

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