How do I get to my student email?

Open a web browser and visit Garden City Community College. Click on "Students" on the navigation bar on top under the logo. (Or simply click this link. Look for "Bustermail Access" under "Quick Links" in the middle of the page. Click it.

You will be taken to the bustermail login page. (See image on the left) Log in using the email and password provided to you. (

For any questions regarding your login email and password, please contact

How do I access Google Drive?

Log in to your bustermail first.

Afterwards, on the top right of the page, simply click on the grid, and choose Drive. (see image) Or simply type in into your browser.

Tip: You can simply go to and login from there. Drive/Email is all accessible from there as well.

How do I upload my documents to Google Drive?

At the bottom-left corner of the window, you’ll see how much space remains in your Drive account. The menu in the left allows you to navigate, and also to create or upload files. The screenshot shown displays the “Create” and “Upload” icons. The “Upload” icon is located immediately next to the CREATE option, and is used to upload any files of your choice.

Please be advised: only files directly related to classes or activities at GCCC should be stored on your student Google Drive.

How do I download my documents to Google Drive?

To download a file for further editing within Word, Powerpoint, Excel, or any other program on your computer, check the box next to the file, and find “download” under the “more” button found near the top of the window, as shown below.

Please be advised: while Google drive provides basic editors for most office files (Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations), these are not guaranteed to be compatible with MS Office, and may result in unexpected formatting.