GCCC Board of Trustees vote to raise tuition, fees, room and board for 2014-15


To help offset the increased utilities and food costs, new campus technology, and general operating expenses, the Garden City Community College Board of Trustees voted unanimously to raise tuition and fees from $80 to $85 per credit hour for in-state students. The hike goes into effect the 2014 fall semester.

The $5 increase is across the board and will impact students from bordering states who will pay $99 per credit hour, other out-of-state student tuition will go to $104, and international students will pay $125 per credit hour. Of the increase, $2 will be for credit hours and $3 per credit for the student fees adjustment.

The board also approved room and board rate increases. The West Hall and East Unit room rate will be $1,150 per semester which is up from the current $1,100; the West Hall and East Unit single rate goes to $1,600 per semester, up from $1,400; apartment room rates will increase from $1,475 to $1,525 and the apartment single rate will top at $2,000 over the current $1,775 per semester price tag.

The 19-meal and 15-meal plans jump $25 each per semester to $1,275 and $1,250 respectively.

Board trustee Ron Schwartz asked that the administration look at adding an in-state/out-of-county student designation to the current tuition and fees category. He believes this determination would provide Finney County taxpayers additional relief and close the gap between in-state and border state tuitions. Board chairperson Merilyn Douglass asked that the college administrative team review this possibility and be prepared to report on it during the March meeting.

In other board action:

  • Schwartz said the Kansas Association of Community College Trustees (KACCT) is working with state legislators in addressing programs in all 19 Kansas community colleges that are not profitable. There are a growing number of representatives who believe each college needs to phase out or immediately terminate programs that are losing money regardless of what the local communities deem necessary and important. Rather than have the state government mandate program closure, the KACCT is working to continue allowing community colleges to determine what courses of study and degrees they want to offer
  • Trustee Jeff Crist asked for a “dream list” for capital outlay that addressed all deferred maintenance, building refurbishment, expansion projects, and new building upkeep. Executive Vice President Dee Wigner told the board she and representatives from Facilities and IT have begun a building-by-building assessment which should be completed by the later part of May. Crist said he wanted long-range facilities strategic plan in writing that could be shared with the community.