Buster Meats Team wins World Championship

Buster Meats Team With Award

The Buster Meats Team returned this week from the 2014 Australian Intercollegiate Meat Judging Association Contest hailing the title of World Champions!

In the largest event in the competition’s 25 year history, Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga hosted close to 150 students and 35 coaches from 10 Australian universities and four international teams from the United States, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia.

The All-American Team was represented by GCCC students Alan Caro, of Satanta, and Skyler Glenn from Holcomb and Scott City HS, as well as, members from Clarendon College in Texas, including Scotta Faulkenberry, Cody Shannon, and Morgan Boyer.

The team placed 1st overall, 1st in Beef Judging, 1st in Questions/Reasons and 1st in Primal/Retail ID. Additionally, they placed 2nd in Lamb Judging and Pork Judging, 4th in Placings and 5th in Eating Quality.

The championship team edged out Australian team Charles Sturt University by 46 points.

Individually, Alan Caro was World Champion Individual overall in the entire contest which included 141 contestants. He placed 2nd in Reasons/Questions, 3rd in Beef Judging and Pork Judging. Skyler Glenn was 8th overall and was 2nd in Placings and 5th in Beef Judging.

The All-American team, coached by GCCC’s Dr. Clint Alexander and Clarendon College’s Tate Corliss, was tapped for this honor by the American Meat Science Association after their success in the 2013 meat judging year.

According to Coach Alexander, “GCCC certainly now has a global impact in not only meat judging but in all areas of agriculture.”

GCCC will host the Australian National Team in January as they come to the USA to practice and prepare for the National Western and Southwestern contests.