Five GCCC athletic teams raise GPA over 3.0


Five Garden City Community College athletic teams posted over 3.0 grade point averages (GPA) for the Fall 2013 semester that helped raise the overall grade point of all athletes competing for the college to 2.74. Grade points averages are based on a 4-point system with 4 representing an A, 3 a B, and 2 a C grade.

The baseball team set the pace with a 3.37 followed by the softball team at 3.29, women’s cross country (3.25), rodeo (3.22), and women’s basketball (3.08).

“We are committed to building well-rounded individuals who are challenged each semester to excel in their academic endeavors as well as on the field, the court, the course, or the arena,” said Ryan Ruda, vice president of student services and GCCC athletic director. “We provide tutoring and study halls for all athletic teams and have a dedicated advisor for student athletes. There is a computer lab in the Dennis Perryman Athletic center for them to work on assignments, online course requirements, and other academic programs.”

According to Ruda, GCCC requires all athletic programs to complete at least 10 hours of community service throughout the year. This additional responsibility is part of the college’s overall purpose of developing its student athletes into civic-minded individuals. Said Ruda, “Civic leadership and character building are assets that we believe operate in tandem with teamwork, excellence in competition, and academic achievement. In short, they describe the kind of student athletes who are our next generation of involved and productive citizens and business leaders.”

Rounding out the athletic teams and respective grade point averages were men’s golf (2.88), men’s basketball (2.81), men’s cross country (2.68), volleyball (2.66), women’s track (2.60), women’s soccer (2.53), men’s track (2.26), and football (2.22).