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GCPSS Access


Registering with Password Self-Service will enable you to change your password outside of campus and without the need to call computer services. Enroll now and when that moment you forget your password, you will know what to do.

Click here to go to Pasword Self-Service

How to register

Go here. You will be presented with two fields. In the top one (user name), enter your user name (first.last) and enter the series of letters for the bottom field. Lastly, press OK.

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Click "Register with Password Self-Service"

Enter your user name and password

Read the top paragraph and answer all three "questions". Remember, take note of what you have entered. You will need these answers that you have provided in order to change your password. You may change your answers later on.

After submitting your answers, you will be registered. On the following screen click "Go to home page".

How to change your password

On the home page, click "Forgot my password".

Correctly answer all security questions that you have set previously.

You will be taken to a screen with two fields. Enter your new password in the top field and re-type it in the second. You will be notified if both fields do not match. Click "Finish"

Congratulations, you have changed your password.