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Message from the President

Dr. Herbert Swender

Garden City Community College is the senior leader in community college education for Kansas, with a tradition going back to 1919 of preparing men and women from many different backgrounds and ages for success in their lives and their careers.

I am gratified and excited to be serving as president of this institution, and I believe our purpose in serving you is important to every member of the faculty and staff, and to the GCCC Board of Trustees.

You might be a recent high school graduate, ready to start your college career. You might be someone returning to the classroom for the first time in many years. Or, you might be a newcomer to this community or our country. You might also be among the many individuals seeking updated skills and knowledge, whether or not you have already completed a certain level of higher education.

Whatever your objectives and past experiences, I want to congratulate you for focusing on GCCC, and let you know that I will be gauging our success on how well you achieve your goals.

The mission of this college is to help each person become a positive contributor to society and the economy, and we will strive to accomplish that by offering:

  • Academic advancement
  • Job and career preparation
  • Essential skills
  • Personal enrichment
  • Workforce development

GCCC offers these opportunities for each individual who steps onto the campus, logs onto our website, calls on our phone lines, and entrusts his or her future to the learning we provide.

Welcome to Garden City Community College. From here, you can go anywhere.

Swender Sig

Dr. Herbert J. Swender


President's Cabinet

Dee Wigner
Dee Wigner
Executive Vice President,
Finance and Operations
Ryan Ruda
Ryan Ruda
Vice President of
Student Services & Athletics